Usha Cold Press Juicer Review

The Usha Cold Press Juicer is designed to extract the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables. Most people in India grind the fruits and vegetables to extract the juice and some people use the centrifugal juicers like Philips Viva, which are fast but the nutrients are easily lost due to heat.

usha cold press juicer

The Usha Nutripress, on the other hand, is a Cold Press Juicer, which has a different approach. It squeezes the fruit and vegetables and presses them using its Cold Press Technology. This makes it preserve the natural taste and all the nutrition.

Who Should Buy the Usha Cold Press Juicer?

If you can’t stand that annoying blending noise that most juicers subject you to, then the Usha cold press juicer is the way to go. It will slowly extract your juice giving you more juice than the average juicer. Generally, juice produced from cold press juicers will last longer than the juice produced from centrifugal juicers.

Its 200-watt capacity makes it perform more efficiently than other juicers extractors. It is a perfect companion for people who want a natural and healthy lifestyle. The Usha Slow Juicer also comes with a convenient free recipe book filled with tasty juice recipes that can be prepared at home using this juicer.

Pros & Cons of the Usha Nutripress Cold Press Juicer


  1. It is able to juice almost everything, from grains to nuts to vegetables, fruits, and frozen desserts
  2. It has among the highest juice yield in the market
  3. It retains the natural quality of the food you juice. No nutrients are lost in the juicing process
  4. The company has free home demos for users in selected cities, which is perfect if you want to learn how to use the product from the manufacturers themselves
  5. It comes with a two-year warranty on the product and an amazing five-year warranty on the motor


  1. The Usha slow juicer does not handle pulpy fruits as well as it could. Sometimes, the filters get clogged and you have to conduct a quick cleanup before you can keep juicing
  2. Some seeds can get jammed under the container. This can get in the way of cleaning since it can be quite difficult to open if it is blocked

usha cold press juicer

You may not want to compare this with Hestia or Kuvings as they are much more expensive juicers and are definitely of much better quality, you get what you pay for. Considering the price at which the Usha slow juicer sells, it offers great value for money. It is versatile, innovative, and produces great fresh juice. If you want healthy drinks in your life, then this is the right partner for you. The Usha Cold Press Juicer also comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor and 2-years on the product.


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