LG Convection Microwave Oven Review 28 Liters

The LG Convection Microwave Oven 28 L is a state of the art convection microwave oven that allows you to cook anything with a single touch. Pasteurizing, stewing, baking, roasting, diet frying, browning, grilling, heating, steaming and barbecuing can all be achieved with the LG microwave oven everything with just one touch. This carefully designed oven has a 28L capacity making it perfect for big families. You do not have to keep reheating food as this LG Microwave Oven can keep food at the right temperature for as long as 90 minutes.

lg convection microwave oven
lg convection microwave oven

Talking about the design of this LG convection microwave oven; it is huge enough, measuring (W*H*D) 510*305*495mm. Its cavity material is stainless steel with a glass door that has a protective metal mesh. The LG microwave oven comes with a one year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty for the magnetron. The components included during packaging include the microwave oven, a cookbook, owner’s manual, rotisserie bar plus handle, shelf, rotating ring and glass tray, and a tawa.

The oven uses convection mode and can be pre-heated for baking. Its wattage is 1950. You can make new exotic food from the LG cook menu that features a preset menu. It only requires you to pick the dish you’d like to make and press the start button. The menu varies with each model.

The LG microwave oven makes it possible to make excellent ghee without any smell under hygienic conditions in just minutes. This product comes with a starter kit and a home demo for easy usability. You can simply defrost without hassles with the LG microwave oven.

Do not like oil? With the diet fry, you are able to prepare meals using minimal oil. The multi-cook tawa is specially adapted for foods that need extra bottom heating and browning. It is non-stick with a special coating. The rotisserie is 360 degree motorized for extra crispy, tasty barbeques. You can make tasty curd and paneer from the comfort of your home with the LG microwave oven.

lg convection microwave oven
lg convection microwave oven

Comparison of this LG Microwave oven with similar ovens form other brands

Comparing the LG convection microwave oven with the IFB 25 L Convection Microwave oven, the LG microwave oven holds more capacity. It also has a bigger turn-able diameter of 32cm while the IFB’s diameter is 27cm. The IFB microwave oven, however, has steam cleaning and reheating features for more efficiency. Although both microwave ovens have a child lock for safety, the LG 28L lacks overheating protection. The LG 28 L microwave oven has a close similarity LG 21L microwave oven. The only difference is the pricing which is as a result of the varying capacity, size and power consumption. Their functionality is very similar. However, the LG 28L oven uses power convection and the Intellowave technology


For anyone seeking a slightly bigger and powerful convection microwave oven, the LG28L is one of the best in the sub-30 liter microwave oven segment. It is easy to use due to its inbuilt touch panel. Since it’s fully automatic, all you need to do is enter your food and pick your dish. The convection oven has minimal gaps and holes to avoid trapping dirt. Customers seem to be impressed by the factory packaging of the oven and love the large capacity. It may be too big for small families, but just perfect for large/joint families in India or for office usage. Although some users feel that electricity consumption is slightly higher, there are no cons of the microwave oven. Most of all, it gives you value for your money. It is much affordable than various microwave ovens in its segment.

lg convection microwave oven

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