Affordable Juice Bottles from Favola

Do you love drinking healthy and tasty juices but just don’t trust storing them in plastic bottles? We all know that continuous use of plastic bottles can expose the body to harmful chemicals like BPA and other such chemicals. So, what can you use when you want to refresh yourself with a delicious juice? Glass bottles are one of the healthier options. And if you’re looking for the best of the best, Favola stands out for all the right reasons. It is important to keep your beverage fresh and chemical-free and the juice bottles from Favola do just that.

Juice Bottles

Choosing Juice Bottles Made of Glass over Plastic

If you want the freshly squeezed orange juice or any citrus juice to taste natural after a couple of hours without reacting with the plastic, it’s best to use glass bottles for storing rather than plastic.

Glass Juice Bottles by Favola

The chemicals used in the manufacturing process of plastic bottles often leak into the drinks stored in them and make them unhealthy.

Glass bottles are also environment-friendly and can be recycled over and over again. Even when it comes to cleaning, glass bottles are a lot easier as compared to plastic. You can clean glass bottles with hot water which ensures a thorough cleaning whereas plastic bottles will lose their shape when exposed to heat.

Although glass is clearly the preferred option for containing juices, not all glass can be used. There are some types that are made using harmful chemicals such as lead oxide. While this chemical does enhance the quality of the glass significantly, it is quite harmful to the body. A lead infused glass is more often used to make crystals and other ornaments.

What Makes Favola Juice Bottles So Great?

Favola glass juice bottles are extremely durable and chemical-free to ensure that your beverages stay fresh and tasty for a considerable time. They are perfectly shaped for storing, pouring, and drinking any kind of liquid. The glass used in these bottles is clear, strong, and is absolutely dishwasher-friendly. The slim, ergonomic design of the bottle makes it easy to carry as well.

Most Popular Favola Juice Bottles

The glass bottles from Favola carry a classic shape as well as a pretty design around the neck. The cap easily twists off to allow quick access while maintaining a tight and leak-proof seal when shut. All these properties make Favola bottles extremely popular. Here are some of the most popular bottles from the brand.

The Clear Glass 300 ml juice bottle that comes with a beautiful pink and white checked metal lid is a favorite among many and is ideal for storing small quantities of beverage. Favola’s Italian Designer Printed glass bottle holds 1000 ml of liquid and has a freeze-safe cap. The designs on the bottle vary from flowers, cows, and attractive text designs. Most Favola Juice Bottles are colorful and quite popular. The 500 ml glass bottle has an airtight and rust-free cap. One of Favola’s most popular glass bottles is the unique water drop embossed bottle that comes with a black airtight cap. What can be better than the classic transparent glass bottle from Favola? The design, quality, and usefulness make it one of the best.

Although we are talking about bottles as Juice bottles, Favola bottles can be used for storing practically any liquid. They are great for containing milk, water, milkshakes, and more. The storing capacity also varies which makes it ideal for most homes. The Favola glass bottles come in 300 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml varieties. Choose any of the above-mentioned bottles or one of the many Favola glass bottles to store your juice, milk, or water, and you will always have a fresh and healthy beverage at hand.

Juice Bottles


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