Hero Gear vs Non-Gear Cycle Comparison

Are you having trouble choosing the right Hero Gear Cycle? Should you select a bicycle with or without gears? Are thicker tyres better than thinner ones? How do you answer these questions without testing the bicycle? Here’s a review of two of the best-selling Hero bicycles in their individual categories that perform excellently. Let’s take a closer look at the Hero Sprint 26T Winner, one of the better hero gear cycles and the Hero Hawk Nuage 27T, which is a popular single speed bicycle by Hero.

Hero Sprint 26T Winner 18 Speed Adult Cycle

Hero Sprint 26T Winner 18 Speed Adult Cycle - Black & Green


Considered to be one of the best mountain bicycles, the Hero Sprint 26T Winner has a lot to offer on almost all terrains. Its durable 18 inch frame is made from steel which can take on rough rides with ease. The bicycle is an 18 speed one that comes with disc brakes on the front and V-brakes on the rear. The pedals are made from hard plastic and are fitted with reflectors for added safety at night. Its suspension is fitted into the frame of the bike and is a Stroke-50 suspension on the front and an alloy 750 pounds, 150 c/c suspension type on the back. The front derailleur is a Shimano FD TY10GS while the rear derailleur is a Shimano TY18 GS type. There is a comfortable saddle on this bike which can be easily adjusted to match the rider’s height. The minimum height requirement for this bicycle is 5 feet 4 inches and the maximum is 6 feet 4 inches. The Hero Sprint 26T Winner offers a great way to get around the city as well as through rougher terrains like grass, rocks, mud, and slopes.

Pros & Cons of the 18 speed Hero Sprint Winner

  1. 18-speed cycle
  2. Front disc brake
  3. Comfortable saddle
  4. The con being it can be a bit heavy due steel frame

Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Cycle

Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Cycle


When it comes to long distance or comfortable riding, the Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Cycle is definitely one of the best options. For starters, the bike has a 23-inch rigid frame made from high quality steel. Weighing just 20.3 KGs, this bike can be carried quite easily. One of the standout features of this bicycle is its specially designed drop-down handlebar which not only offers maximum control, but excellent comfort as well. The bike is ideal for riders ranging from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches while the PU saddle offers even more comfort. The Hawk Nuage comes with mudguards, stand, front and rear reflectors, carrier, and other accessories. Thanks to the 1 and ¼ inch tyres, you will never lose speed while riding. Both the front and rear wheels have caliper brakes.

Pros and cons of the Hero Hawk Nuage 27T

  1. Built for speed and long distance riding
  2. Carbon steel frame
  3. Comfortable handle design
  4. Carrier, reflectors, and mudguards included
  5. The only con is that it may be difficult to ride on trough terrains

Deciding between both these bicycles depends on the user’s needs. While the Sprint 26T Winner is a great mountain bicycle, it can also perform on paved roads. The Hawk Nuage is a remarkable city bike that offers speed, control, and comfort. If you’re a person who enjoys riding through the Hawk Nuage is the best option for you. For all those avid extreme riders that look to take on steep mountains and rough terrains, the Sprint 26T Winner is, hands down, your best choice. In the end, both bicycles bring their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between the two is a matter of understanding where the bike will be used.


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