Hercules Dynamite ZX Review

Hercules Dynamite ZX Dual-Suspension Bicycle (26T) is one of the best Hercules cycles you can buy online. Before purchasing a bike, there are many factors that you should consider in order to get value for your money. We looked into the bike’s frame, wheels, suspension, and brake system among other additional features like aesthetic appeal. Here’s how the Hercules Dynamite ZX fared on these factors.

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Aesthetic Appeal Hercules Dynamite ZX

Youngsters between the age groups of 16 to 20 want to drive a funky bicycle and the tweens between the age group of 21 to 35 want to drive something in between funky, but not so much that it attracts too much attention. Due to the target age group, the manufactures of the Hercules Dynamite ZX Dual-Suspension Bicycle realize that appearance is everything and that is why they have designed a very attractive bike that suits all age groups. The very first thing that will catch your attention is the bikes bold colors of black and deep orange. This color combination makes customers on Amazon give the Hercules Dynamite ZX bike very positive reviews. To add to the aesthetic appeal, the bike is fitted with flying fenders. This gives it an “off-roading” type of look.

The Wheels of Hercules Dynamite ZX

Bicycle enthusiasts know that wheels are a big deal in any bicycle since they are the largest component of a bike and crucial component that provides stability, grip, and speed. They are very important on how a bike is perceived by customers. Some people will make a buying decision based on the size and looks of wheels. Hercules has fitted their bikes with the perfect 26’ wheel.

There are different sizes of wheels and their advantages

  • 29’’ – slow to pick up momentum
  • 5’’ – faster to pick up momentum than the 29’’
  • 26’’ – picks momentum very fast but comparatively less stable than the 29’’

As you can see above, the 26’’ wheel size is very ideal for young people and adults as well who want to ride fast. The wheel size is also ideal for relatively rough terrain although it is not recommended for very steep downhill or terrains with very big obstacles. For general multi-terrain city type roads in India, the cycle has the best wheels.

The Steel Frame Hercules Dynamite ZX is Strong

Bike frames are made from various materials including titanium (not very common), steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Each material has its advantages and setbacks. The Hercules is made of a steel frame which makes the bike very sturdy and durable since steel is a very strong metal. What this means is that the bike will last very long as long as it is given proper care.

Hercules Dynamite ZX Brakes

Generally men like high speeds due to the adrenaline rush. That is why the bike is fitted with power brakes. There are two main types of brakes- rim brakes and disk brakes. The Hercules is fitted with disk power brakes which are very efficient and effective. They also last for a longer period than the rim breaks and also require less constant maintenance.

Hercules Dynamite ZX Suspension

The suspension determines how comfortable a bike is. The Hercules is fitted with a suspension system that makes it extremely comfortable. It has elliptical suspension at the rear which is attached to the frame and also has front suspensions that are fork-shaped which makes the bike not only comfortable but also stable. The name dual suspension is due to this feature of having suspension both at the front and at the back.

Hercules Dynamite ZXBuy-on-Amazon

Other Advantages of Hercules Dynamite ZX

This Hercules Bicycle Comes Fully Assembled

This bike has a tone of positive reviews on Amazon. Customers are very satisfied with the product. One of the things that most customers are happy about is that the bike comes fully assembled and in perfect working condition. What this means is that you will not need to assemble the bike at all. After receiving the bike, you can take a stroll on it immediately, which will put a smile on the face of most buyers.

Very Friendly Customer Service

Another customer was very much impressed by the customer service of the bike’s dealers. They say that the people in the department are very helpful.

Disadvantages of this Hercules Bicycle

The cycle has stellar reviews on Amazon and has almost no disadvantages. However, the bike is more suitable for boys or men. We think this is the most cost-effective Hercules bicycle in this segment.

Our final conclusion on Hercules Dynamite ZX

Buying a bike can be a tricky affair because of the many choices out there. However, considering all the above factors, this Hercules Bicycle is potentially the best choice for most age groups between 16 to 35 casual to intermediate riders. You can buy the wonderful Hercules Dynamite ZX at this link on Amazon.

Hercules Dynamite ZXBuy-on-Amazon

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