The Perfect Hand Press Juicer by Kalsi

Are you looking for a way to enjoy the freshest citrus fruit juices every day? Don’t want harmful sugar and chemicals from the packaged juices? If your answer to both those questions were yes, the Kalsi Hand Press Juicer is definitely the product for you. No more will you have to buy your juice off the shelf. With this remarkable juicer, you can press a glass of refreshing fruit juice as and when you want with ease. So, without further ado, let’s take a close look at the Kalsi Hand Press Juicer.

Build Quality and Performance of the Kalsi Hand Press Juicer

hand press juicerThe Kalsi Hand Press Juicer is a basic design that delivers on what it promises. This juicer weighs just 3.66 KGs and measures in at 10cm x 10cm x 20cm which makes it quite portable and easy to store. Its entire body is made from high-quality metal and is rust-resistant. The juicer’s handle is also made from metal and is covered in an anti-rust protective coating. Below the handle, there is a metal press cone that sits above a broad metal ring. Two aluminum cones fit perfectly between these – one with tiny holes to allow the juice through and collect the seeds, and another to let the juice flow directly into a cup sitting at the bottom of the press.

To correctly press a glass of fruit juice, all you have to do is place a cut fruit onto the cone with the tiny holes with its fleshy side facing down. Now, turn the handle till the upper metal cone presses down on the fruit. A metal handle on the side helps you apply the right amount of pressure to get all the juices out easily. Once you finish pressing your juice, simply remove the aluminum cones and wash them.

Advantages of using a Hand Press Juicer:

This juicer is considerably affordable compared to some of the electric juicers. Hand press juicers are easier to clean and don’t need the added preparation required for the automatic juicers. The fruit doesn’t need to be peeled, sliced, or cut to be juiced properly.

We all know that the automatic variety is capable of juicing just about any fruit. But does that mean hand press juicers can’t do the same? The Kalsi Hand Press Juicer is a dedicated juicer for citrus fruit like orange, lime or pomegranate. Fruits like Oranges, Mosambi (sweet lime/lemon), lime, pomegranate, and other citrus fruits are all easily pressed in this product. It, unfortunately, cannot press vegetables like carrots and spinach or fruits like apples and pineapples. To get a glass full of fresh juice, it would take about 5 minutes of pressing which is about the same time it would take an automated juicer.


  1. Lightweight and affordable juicing option for people who cannot afford an electric juicer
  2. Can produce freshly pressed juice relatively quickly
  3. Made from high-quality metal


  1. Cannot press vegetables and non-citrus fruits and its obviously not meant for it

The Kalsi Hand Press Juicer is a fine example of how something so simple can produce something so beneficial. Forget about the expensively and unhealthy packaged juices and invest in something the delivers freshness, deliciousness, and healthiness in a single press.

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