Best Selling Fat Tyre Bicycle in India 2018

Fat Tyre Bicycles in India have gained popularity in the recent past and it is easy to see why. They are very ideal for extreme riding conditions. They are ideal to ride in muddy conditions, sand and other unconventional terrains. Not only that, but fat bikes are also a pleasure to take a stroll around town with since they’re very comfortable and sturdy. Let us check out what makes fat tyre bicycle from Sturdy Bikes so special and also highlight their pros and cons.

How good is the suspension of this fat tyre bicycle?

One of the things that make a Sturdy Bikes fat tyre bike a top choice for most bike riders is their suspensions. Due to the size of the bike, the suspensions are appropriately strong which makes riding the bike a very pleasant experience.

Running on Low Pressure on the Fat Tyre Bicycle

Since this fat tyre bike has very wide tyres, it is possible to ride the bike even on very low pressure which is impossible on conventionally sized tyres. The advantage of low pressure is that you can comfortably ride on sand or snow. Additionally, you get a “floating” feeling while riding on low pressure.

This Fat Tyre Bicycle has got Tough Tyres

On the other hand, the tyres are tough and when on a very rough terrain, you can increase the tyre presser without the worry of damaging them. The advantage of this feature is that you can comfortably ride on rocky terrains. However, it’s advisable to get the right PSI since too much pressure can cause the bike to be too bumpy.

Pros of this Fat Tyre Bike

Easy Assembly

There are a lot of positive fat bike reviews on Amazon. One of the things that customers are really impressed with the bike is that it is very easy to assemble. One customer states that they assembled their fat bike within 1 hour of receiving their shipment.

All Parts Present at the time of delivery

Another factor that makes the bike very ideal is that it is accompanied by all the necessary equipment and accessories needed to set it up. According to a very satisfied customer on Amazon, they were pleasantly surprised that the dealers provide all the nuts and bolts needed to set up the bike. Therefore, when you buy the bike, you will not need to get any additional accessories since they are included in the package.

Aesthetic Appeal

Another ideal factor of the bike is that it is a head turner because of its aesthetic appeal. Due to the huge tyres, riders get very positive comments on their ride. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the customers are also very pleased by the performance of the bike. The bike is worth every penny since it performs as advertised no matter the terrain.

Additional Features

Due to the size of this fat tyre bike, the braking system has to be just right to avoid accidents. The manufacturers of the fat bike have put this into consideration and have installed very sturdy front and rear 160mm brake disks.

The Bike’s Design Also Makes It Very Attractive. For those who like speed, the bike is the perfect fit since they have a 21-gear speed system.


People who prefer to ride very lightweight cycles with thin tyres may not like this fat tyre bike. This is probably the only con of the bike.

If you want to have fun while cycling in any terrain or weather, then a fat bike is the perfect fit for you. The bike is designed to handle a wide array of terrains, may it be the mountains, on snow or sand, the fat tyre bike will give you a pleasant experience.


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