Bosch Microwave Oven – 28 Liters

The Bosch Microwave Convection oven model HMB45C463X is popular for its combination mode and lets you cook your tandoori chicken or paneer with precision. There is also a “frylite” feature, which is unique to this Bosch Microwave, allowing you to fry foods almost effortlessly. You can fry vegetables and potatoes in a little oil, getting the same great taste you love without all the fat. Most customers appreciate that this oven is designed keeping in mind Indian cuisine. You can make other foods, too, but some could be a hit or miss.  

Bosch Microwave Oven – 28 Liters
Bosch Microwave Oven – 28 Liters

The Bosch Microwave comes with a starter kit by Borosil. This kit contains everything you need to bake, cook, reheat, or store the food. There is a baking tray, two grills safe for use in the oven, a rotisserie spit, and the frylite tray. The baking tray is safe to take out of the oven and put on your counter thanks to the covered feet. The two wire racks complement each other; the taller one can sit over the shorter one, allowing you to cook two dishes at once. A mixing bowl is supposed to come with the starter kit, though there are complaints it is sometimes missing. In a few cases, the Borosil kit was missing altogether. There is a basic two year warranty for the entire oven. The magnetron has a whopping seven year warranty.

The 28 liter capacity of this Bosch Microwave is suitable for medium to large families. Just like most ovens, the turn-table rotates evenly, ensuring that all dishes are evenly heated. The hot air circulates around the food, cooking the top and bottom of any dish. If you’re de-thawing or reheating food, this will ensure that the interior is as hot as the edges. No cold spots with this oven. If you do spill something inside the oven, the glass turntable is relatively easy to clean. The heat is evenly distributed through the glass plate, so you can safely take it out to scrub it after it has had a few minutes to cool.

Bosch Microwave Oven – 28 Liters
Bosch Microwave Oven – 28 Liters

This Bosch Microwave oven is easy to use. The convection oven has more than 120 programs already built into it. You let the oven know by a click of a button if you are cooking seafood, rice or soups and it will adopt the right cooking profile. The only downside is that you have to enter a combination of characters to get the program to start, and this interface is not intuitive. You will be referring to the manual regularly until you’ve memorized a few programs you use the most. The oven is high on safety. The glass-covered door is fully shielded. The oven will turn off automatically if the door is even slightly ajar.

Customers may need to compare the after sales service with other competitors of Bosch before buying the this oven. However, Bosch is a great company and most customers are generally happy with all Bosch Products.

Bosch Microwave Oven – 28 Liters
Bosch Microwave Oven – 28 Liters

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