Best Microwave Oven in India in 32 liter Segment

In this review, you will know why the LG 32L MC3286BRUM convection microwave oven is a great choice for medium to large families. This model is perhaps the best microwave oven in India in the 32 Liter segment costing around ₹19000. It is stylish, packed with functions, and prepares meals at the touch of a button. Read all about it in our detailed review and make an informed choice.

Best Microwave Oven in India in 32 liter Segment
Best Microwave Oven in India in 32 liter Segment

All-in-One Convection Oven

Whether you want to roast, grill, defrost, cook or reheat food, this oven does it all and more than you can imagine with a normal oven. Grilling is easy using the provided low and high metal racks. Place the metallic tawa tray on either grill stand, and you can easily prepare pizza, rotis, or other pan fried dishes. It comes with a starter kit consisting of accessories to help support whatever cooking mode you choose. If you want to barbeque, the motorized rotisserie rod will come in handy. It can easily hold 5-6 chicken pieces. The rod rotates 360-degrees to ensure even roasting without any manual intervention. When too hot to touch with bare hands, you can use the rotisserie bar handle to hold it. Metallic utensils are not ideal to use in microwave mode, and that’s why LG includes two microwave-safe plastic containers. You also get a glass tray with rotating ring as part of the package.

Convenient Presets

When it comes to pre-programmed menus, the 32L LG MC3286BRUM convection microwave oven offers over 300 auto-cook presets that makes it arguably the best convection microwave. Among these functions, there are a few special presets that deliver great convenience. To begin with, the Diet Fry function is a must-have for health-conscious people. It lets you prepare your dishes with half the amount of oil you generally use. For people who like to pasteurize their own milk, there is a preset for that as well. It lets you boil between 0.5-2 Liters and store the milk in the same container used to pasteurize it to avoid contamination. You can prepare hygienic ghee in just 12 minutes. Other preset categories worth mentioning include the Indian roti basket, teas/dairy delights, and kids’ treats.

Free Recipe Booklet

Recipe instructions for each menu preset are inside the free cookbook that comes with this microwave oven. Treat yourself and guests to traditional Indian treats like dal tadka, gujiyas, and pakoras, to name a few. Besides the presets mentioned earlier, the cookbook offers a ton of recipes for soups, salads, exotic dishes, pastries, and continental cuisine. Even if you have never done the cooking, these recipes can be handy which is perfect for bachelors as well.

Best Microwave Oven in India in 32 liter Segment
Best Microwave Oven in India in 32 liter Segment

Digital Control Panel

A convection microwave oven with more than 300 presets might seem overwhelming to operate. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to LG’s 32L MC3286BRUM convection microwave oven. There is only one dial on the control panel for setting time, temperature, weight, and auto-cook menus. The rest are tactile push-button controls that offer great ease of use. All your selections will also appear clearly on the backlit LED screen.

Quality Design

As far as build quality is concerned, the LG 32L MC3286BRUM convection microwave oven strikes a good balance between form and function. The oven features a sleek black finish that will look nice sitting on any countertop. A floral pattern printed on the front uplifts the overall design. Opening the oven is easy thanks to a handle on the door. For the internal cavity, LG fashioned this oven with stainless steel. This material reflects heat inside to ensure uniform cooking. And, while it has no Teflon or non-stick coating, the microwave oven offers a steam cleaning function.


  1. Easy to use and clean
  2. Multi-purpose convection oven
  3. Comes with a free recipe booklet
  4. Features child lock option
  5. LG offers free product demo on request


  1. Lacks multi-stage cooking option


With its 32L capacity, the MC3286BRUM convection microwave oven from LG is ideal for a medium to large family. It is ideal for people who want to upgrade from a small oven or people want to buy an oven keeping in mind the longevity and do not want to upgrade in the near future. It is also a fantastic appliance for anyone who wants to perform multiple functions grill, heat food, defrost, boil milk, bake cakes, or make curd, paneer, and ghee. Keep in mind though that the oven can prepare so much more and you get a cookbook with more than 300 recipes to help you get started. Along with the free accessories you get right out of the box, this model offers good value for the price.

Best Microwave Oven in India in 32 liter Segment
Best Microwave Oven in India in 32 liter Segment

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