Best Gear Cycles 2018

This is a brief post talking about the best gear cycles in our country. As the world moves more towards a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, many people have given up the luxury of their cars and have adopted bicycles as their mode of transportation. Not only has this change significantly reduced the amount of pollution, but it is also a great way to stay fit. While there are literally thousands of bicycles available online, gear cycles are harder to choose from and not all bicycle brands and models are reliable. There are a number of factors that go into choosing the perfect gear cycle and here we help you choose the right one for you. Here are 5 of the best gear cycles to choose from.

Sturdy Bike Fat Mountain Bike

fat tyre bicycle

Kicking things off, we take a look at the Fat Mountain Bike from Sturdy Bikes. This bicycle has a great design and looks quite attractive. The frame of the bike is 18 inches and as per the manufacturer is suitable for all riders ranging from 5 feet to 6.2 feet. It is made from durable carbon steel. At a total weight of 23 kilograms, the Fat Mountain Bike is ideal for quick movement and portability. The tires on this bicycle are 4 inches wide and sit on 26-inch wide rims, which provide maximum stability for the rider on all kinds of terrain. This bicycle is designed for riding through mountain slopes easily but can also be used on concrete roads or paths. One of the best features of this gear cycle is that it comes with detachable mudguards, side stand, and seat. In terms of speed, this bicycle has a total of 21 gears and comes with a number of cycling modes. Both the front and rear tires have disc brakes that measure 160mm and ensure quick and safe stopping. Although this bicycle was not built for speed, it offers incredible stability and comfort while riding – even through the roughest terrains.

Cosmic Trium 21 Speed Steel Gear Cycle – KC0049

Cosmic Trium 21 Speed Steel Gear BicycleBuy-on-AmazonThe Cosmic KC0049 Cosmic Trium 21 Speed Steel Gear Bicycle is another unique and powerful gear bike that is more than worth the hype that surrounds it. Made from high-quality steel, the frame of the bike ensures that the rider is always protected. There are 21 gears that keep you moving at your favorite speed, no matter where you ride. The rims of the wheels are made from a double alloy which brings durability and performance in large amounts. There are a number of attachable accessories including a side stand and plastic mudguards. The bicycle has an 18-inch steel frame that looks quite unique. The bike has Shimano EF-51 shifters and Shimano TZ-30 and TZ-50 front and rear derailleur respectively. It has a hardtail suspension and its wheels are sized at 27-inches.

Hercules Top Gear TZ110 Gear Cycle

Hercules Top Gear TZ110 Road BikeBuy-on-AmazonWhen you think of best gear bicycles, the name Hercules surely stands out as one of the most popular brand in our country. It is also one of the most affordable as the gear cycle price for this product falls well within the budget for most bike enthusiasts. The Top Gear TZ110 Road Bike from Hercules is quite a remarkable product and comes with a plethora of features. Designed for extreme riding, this bike has MTB dual suspension for comfortable riding on the most relentless terrains. The X Cross design on the frame allows better structural integrity and offers a smoother ride. The frame of this bike is constructed from high-quality steel and delivers one of the most durable experiences while riding. The frame measures 18 inches while the rims of the wheels measure in at 26 inches. This bike is suitable for kids and adults thanks to its adjustable seat. There is a comfortable saddle made from PU on the seat and a set of MTB pedals ensure you are always in control. Both the front and rear tires have V-Brakes which offer quick responsiveness as well as safety at high speeds. There are a total of 18 different speeds or gears on this bike which make it easy to dominate on any cycling mode. The detachable accessories that come with this bike are front and rear reflectors and mudguards.

Cosmic Voyager 21 Speed Gear Cycle

Cosmic Voyager 21 Speed Gear BicycleBuy-on-AmazonWhen it comes to stylish bicycles, Cosmic stands out for all the right reasons and none better than the Cosmic Voyager 21 Speed Gear Bicycle. But this bike brings more than just great looks – it offers a phenomenal performance as well. The frame is measured at 18.5 inches and is made from extremely durable steel. There is also a rust-proof coating applied to the frame which allows you to safely ride in the rain or through water. It has a total of 21 different speeds or gears along with various riding modes which give you the freedom to choose the perfect riding experience no matter where you ride. The wheels on this bicycle are 26-inches and come with 2-inch tires which offer a perfect blend of speed and stability. Both the front and rear wheels have disc brakes which allow you to stop quickly and effectively. There are a number of accessories that come with the bike including a lock, bell, mudguards, and a kickstand. On the front, the bike comes with a zoom suspension while the rear has a steel suspension for all-around comfort.

Montra Aluminum-Alloy Mountain Gear Cycle

Montra Aluminum Alloy Mountain CycleBuy-on-AmazonIf what you want is a classic design that delivers, the Montra MADROCK 29T 21 Gear Aluminum-Alloy Mountain Cycle is the perfect option for you. For starters, the bike comes 85% assembled which means it gets you involved in completing the job and enjoying the bicycle even more. The frame is measured at 17 inches and is made from aluminum-alloy which makes the bike both lightweight and extremely durable. This is one of the best gear cycles and comes with a toolkit which makes assembly easier. It is suitable for kids aged 15 and above as well as adults. The wheels on the bike measure 29 inches which offer a lot of stability while riding through practically any terrain. Speed is not a concern for this bike as it houses 21 different gears or speeds and a number of riding modes for your comfort. The suspension is located on the front for a softer ride every time. Its tires are 1.95 inches wide which are great for speed while the disc brakes on both wheels ensure a quick and safe stop. This gear bicycle is definitely one of the favorites and delivers on all accounts.

Overall Summary

So, if you’re looking for healthier commuting options, these 5 options are best gear cycles that will surely get you going. The gear cycles listed here are perfect for beginners as well as experienced riders and offer a lot to their owners. You can buy bicycles online, like these, or any other by simply doing a little research and finding what you want. If you’re looking for a new hobby, a new way to stay fit and active, or a way to help the environment, these bicycles will surely give you what you need – and then some.


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