Best Gear Cycles Under 10000 Rupees

This post is for people who want to buy their first gear cycle and don’t want to spend too much money on the first one. In this point, we recommend to you the top 5 best gear cycles under 10000 rupees.

We considered some important parameters that matter when it comes to cycling. First, we looked at the bicycle type, i.e., is it a Road bicycle, a Mountain bike or a hybrid? Features like suspensions which determine where you can take your bike on a ride also came into play. For some bike types, a suspension system is critical while it is not much required in others. A dual suspension is vital in mountain bikes for maximum shock absorption, while a single suspension or none at all is fine with a road touring bike. Another important factor was the braking and gear system. In mountain bikes, you need more rear gears because you’ll be tackling rough terrains, while they may not be as useful for a bike that you’re only going to ride on paved roads. Brakes come as either disc or V brakes, with disc brakes giving more control over braking in all conditions and requiring less manual strength to operate.

So, here’s our list of best gear cycles under 10000:

CX70 Dual Suspension, Hercules TopGear 18 Speed (26T) Bicycle

Hercules Topgear CX70 Dual Suspension 18 Speed Bicycle (26T)


The Hercules CX70 bicycle has been designed and made for today’s young men. It has a Shimano 18 speed gear system with V-brake for more effective braking. With 18 speeds, you can pedal the CX70 at a wide range of speeds, high and low. It has 6 gears at the back, and 3 at the front.

It has a steel frame with a double-rugged design for more strength and durability. Take turns, bends and cruise over rough terrain without the risk of the frame breaking or bending out of shape. This bicycle has a dual suspension system, with elliptical shaped rear suspension and front suspension fork. This will absorb all impact, both at the front and the back of the bicycle and allow you to tackle very rough trails.

The CX70 is also fitted with mudguards for easier navigation in muddy terrain. It has an integrated carrier. It has a frame size of 19 inches, which is suitable for riders who are 5’2″ tall and above. The wheel size is 26 inches.

F Cycles 7 Gear Prime TRX 24″ Cycle

7 Gear Prime TRX 24 inch Cycle


This cycle from F Cycles comes with 7 gears and costs under 10000. It has a dual disc brake, which is the best type for beginner riders. It is a great choice cycle if you want a gear cycle that you can take on a cross-country ride. It has front suspension only, which makes it only suitable for smoother surfaces. It absorbs any impact on the front wheel, and as a result on the hands and upper body of the rider. It has a frame made of carbon steel, which is lighter than steel. This makes it lighter and more suitable for kids or young adults. It has a wheel size of 24 inches. The bicycle comes semi-assembled, and you’ll need to fit in the front tyre and handle and few other small parts.

Atlas Crest Front Disc 18 Speed, Dual-Suspension Bicycle (26T)

Atlas Crest Front Disc And Dual Suspension 18 Speed Bicycle (26T)


This is another one among the best gear cycles under 10000 rupees that is a great choice for beginners. With a steel MIG welded frame that has an integral carrier and dual suspension system; it is built to withstand rough terrains without wearing out. It has front disc brakes that provide more finite breaking control. They keep the bicycle performing at consistent power with different conditions. This makes it a good choice if you’re looking to ride on a variety of terrains. The Atlas Crest also has rear brakes with cables that produce zero friction, and aluminum brake levers for an instant, smooth braking. With 21 rapid fire shifting gears, this bicycle has up to 18 speeds, providing you with high speeds to cruise down hills and flat roads, and low speed for climbing steep surfaces. It has a wheel size of 26 inches, making it a comfortable choice if you are at least 5’2″ tall and above.

Kross K-10 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike

Kross K-10 26T 18 Speed Mountain Bike (White)


Fitted with Shimano 18 speed gears and a molded anti-skid body reflectorized pedal, the Kross K-10 26T mountain bike is yet another gear cycle that you can get at a price below 10,000 rupees that will give you good performance experience. It has a semi-raised handle with a soft grip, for a better ride. The brakes have a V-brake alloy lever and cable casings that do not cause any friction, making braking under any conditions more effective. This bike is also fitted with lightweight aluminum alloy rims. The Kross K-10 mountain bike has a hard-tail suspension, meaning it has a suspension fork at the front, but none at the back. This makes it much lighter than the other bikes, and less expensive than the full suspension bikes. It is a good choice if you want a bike to take on rides around the city or smooth terrains. The tires have a size of 26″x1.95, with a city tread pattern for a much smoother ride. There is a steel chain cover which protects your bicycle’s chain from dust, mud, and rust. It also helps keep the oil within and keeps you from spoiling your clothes. This significantly helps with the performance of the bike. The K-10 has a crankset with a triple chained wheel; 42x34x24. It has a frame size of 18.5″.

Weapon 6 Speed, Atlas Dual Shox (26T)

Atlas Weapon 6 Speed Dual Shox (26T)


The Dual Shox 6 speed bicycle from Atlas is also built with a steel MIG welded frame fitted with a carrier alongside a suspension system. It has a suspension fork for impact absorption, resulting in a smoother ride. It has 6 speeds and a V-brake with cables that offer no friction and aluminum brake levers. It has wheels of size 26×1.75, with steel rims. The handlebars are made of steel and are semi-raised, with extended stem for a more comfortable grip. The saddle had a PVC covering for more comfort. Other accessories on this bicycle include a chain cover, bar ends and a side stand. The bicycle comes almost completely assembled. You’ll only need to fix a few parts like the pedals and wheels using a toolbox.


From this list of the best gear cycles under 10000 rupees, you can compare the features and choose the one that fits you perfectly. Remember there is no bicycle that will do well in all terrains and suit all types of riding conditions. You need to understand what type of rider you are and select as per the roads/tracks you will be riding your bike on.

The Hercules CX70, the Atlas Crest and Atlas Dual Shox have dual suspensions, while Prime TRX and Kross K-10 have only the front suspensions. The 18-speed gears in the CX70, the Atlas Crest and the Kross K-10 promise more versatility with speed. You find the more reliable disc brakes on the Prime TRX and the Atlas Crest, while the rest come with V brakes.

For a mountain bike, the Atlas Crest can be a great choice with its combination of dual suspension, front, and rear disc brakes and 18 speeds. These numerous features are what make this cycle the costliest on this list. The Hercules CX70 can fall into this category too, only it has V brakes instead of disc brakes and will be a little less reliable than the Atlas Crest. For junior bikers, the F Cycles Prime TRX is an ideal choice given its lightweight and 24″ wheel size. For Road-Tourers, if you want a fitness bicycle or one to run errands on or commute, the Kross K-10 and the Atlas Dual Shox are for you.

Make a list of what you need in your bicycle, compare it with what the ones on this list have to offer and you will have the best you can get with your budget of below 10000 rupees. So, that was our post on best gear cycles under 10000. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do comment below.


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