Top 5 Best Cold Press Juicers in India

Cold press juicers, slow juicers or masticating juicers are fast becoming popular in India due to the health benefits of juice produced by the cold pressing technique. Cold press juicers are not only more efficient compared to the centrifugal juicers, but the juicer produced from these juicers is much more nutritious. The pulp is dryer and wastage is significantly lesser. Cold-pressed juice stays fresh for considerably more time compared to the juice produced by fast juicers. This is a great benefit for people with busy lifestyles who will want to bottle & store their juices to consume it later during the day at home or office.  In this post, we list out the top 5 cold press juicers in India and the reasons behind selecting these juicers. We hope that your search for the best cold press juicer will end here.

Before we get into details, here’s a table summarizing important specs of the Top 5 Best Cold Press Juicers in India

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Please read more details about each of these juicers below

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press JuicerHestia Nutri-max Cold Press Juicer

If you are looking for the best cold press juicer in India, Hestia is the best masticating juicer brand available in India. Unlike Panasonic or Philips, Hestia does not manufacture a host of home appliance and electronics equipment. Hestia specializes in cold press juicers, hand blenders and other such small-scale kitchen appliances, which makes them one of the specialized companies that manufacture cold press juicers. Hestia Nutri-max cold press juicer is rated very high concerning customer experience, quality, and durability of the product. The 240-watt motor extracts the juice at a slow pace of 60 rpm, which ensures all nutrients are intact when the juice flows into your glass. Juice produced by Hestia Nutri-max is quite thick & healthy unlike the juice produced by centrifugal juicers that completely burn the juice. You can juice just about any vegetable with this juicer, including hard root vegetables like beetroot and carrot. Hestia provides a 1-year warranty on this juicer plus a 5-year warranty on the motor. This cold press juicer costs around 16,000 rupees and provides great value for money. Click here to read a complete review of Hestia Nutri-max Cold Press Juicer.

Kuvings Professional Whole Slow JuicerKuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Costing a little more than the Hestia Nutri-max, Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer is another great cold press slow juicer available for health-conscious consumers in India. The Kuvings whole slow juicer has an advantage of having a 75 mm feeding tube that allows you to throw in your vegetable & fruit without having to slice them, which can be a great time saver for working professionals who would like to cut down as much time as possible in the kitchen. The Kuvings juicer comes with features such as the safety lock, cooling system and quiet operation. While most cold press juicers do not make as much noise as the centrifugal juicers, the Kuvings juicer seems to have much lesser sound when compared to other domestic cold press juicers products in India. Undoubtedly, this is one of the better slow juicers in the market and comes 2nd on our list. Click here for a full review of the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer.

Panasonic Cold Press Slow JuicerPanasonic Cold Press Slow Juicer

Panasonic is a well-known brand in India and they produce one of the best masticating juicers in India. The Panasonic MJ-L500 costs at least 2000 rupees lesser than the Hestia Nutri-max and the Kuvings juicer machines but can easily deliver to your needs. It comes with a similar warranty as the Hestia Nutri-max, 1-year overall product warranty and 5 years on the motor. The reason this Panasonic slow juicer costs much lesser than Kuvings & Hestia is that MJ-500 is a 150-watt machine that runs at 45 rpm, which translates to extremely slow juicing. If you don’t mind waiting those extra minutes, then you should not have a problem with this juicer. Another downside could be that the MJ-L500 motor may heat up faster than the Hestia or Kuvings motors as the torque is on the lower side. Click here for a full review of the Click here for a full review of the Panasonic Slow Juicer.

Usha Nutripress Cold Press Slow JuicerUsha Cold Press Juicer

Costing less than 14000 rupees, Usha Nutripress Cold Press Slow Juicer is the lowest price masticating juicer in India. The warranty period is double of the other similar juicers. Usha provides a 2-year warranty on the overall product and 5 years warranty on the motor. Usha is very confident about their products, and they want to make a stronghold in the slow juicer market. While this juicer functions similar to other juicers in the segment, the quality of materials used may not be on par with Hestia or Kuvings and that is one of the reasons, Usha Nutripress is at number 4 on hour list. Click here for a full review of the Usha Cold Press Juicer.

Hurom Cold Press Slow JuicerHurom Cold Press Slow Juicer

The hurom slow juicer is one of the best masticating juicers available in India. However, we rank it at number 5 on the list because this premium cold pressed juice machine costs more around 19000 rupees, which is significantly more than other juicers that have a 150-watt motor and provide the same quality. Hurom slow press juicer comes in 2 colors, wine red and dark great. Hurom also provides with 2 jars with this machine. It’s a great product if you can don’t mind paying the premium price, but you won’t go wrong with either Hestia or Kuvings, that cost 3000 rupees lesser than Hurom. Click here for a full review of the Hurom Cold Press Juicer.

Here’s a tabular summary of the Top 5 Best Cold Press Juicers in India

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There are many more cold press juicers in the market but are either too expensive or lack of quality. We believe that the above cold press juicers are the best juicers in the price range of 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.


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